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COBRA Administration

Failing to administer COBRA properly can be financially devastating. We can help. 
COBRA Administration Is More Important Than Ever

Although COBRA has been federal law for more than 30 years, the law remains a challenge for many employers. While the basic rules of COBRA may seem straight-forward, it’s a complex law with many nuances that present unique administrative obstacles for employers.

For many employers, COBRA has become an afterthought, which can lead to potential mistakes that could prove to be very costly. Penalties and fines for non-compliance can be staggering, and mismanaging COBRA can lead to increased claims and higher insurance premiums for everyone.

With so much at risk, employers should consider outsourcing COBRA administration to a trusted partner like UnifyHR.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

When deciding to outsource COBRA administration, your goals should be to reduce your workload, risk, and costs. UnifyHR can reduce all three with a single, easy-to-use program that allows you to fulfill your COBRA requirements and ensures fair, compassionate service for your participants while maintaining strict compliance with the law.

We’ve designed our COBRA administration service to reduce the work required of employers as much as possible. Once an employer notifies us of COBRA-related events, we do the rest of the work and provide updates to the employer so they can update their records and take any actions necessary on their end (such as processing the premium remittance checks we send each month).

COBRA Administration


Online and mobile access for employers and participants
100% U.S.-based customer support, including designated client managers for all clients
Distribution of all required COBRA notices
COBRA premium billing, collection, and remittance
Eligibility reporting to employers and health plans
Extensive open enrollment support options
Online case management system 


Easy file transfers – your IT team doesn't have to program to our specs
Communications can be easily customized and include your organization's logo
Predictive and action-code based COBRA events
Configurable payment allocations
Flexible severance options to meet even the most complicated business needs

No One Makes COBRA Easier


Employers that contract with UnifyHR for ACA administration have a huge advantage when they also contract with us for COBRA administration. Using the same data we receive for ACA administration, we can proactively identify COBRA events and present these events to employers for review and confirmation. We call this feature "Predictive QE," and it greatly reduces the work involved in notifying us of COBRA-related events.

The same Predictive QE feature is available to our COBRA clients who send us "full" employee and eligibility files, eliminating the hassle of programming separate COBRA action code files or using our website to notify us when qualifying events occur.

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