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Our flexible billing services make it easy to collect premiums from your non-active employees and family members.
Premium Billing, Collection, and Remittance

Most employers aren't set up to provide bills and collect money from individuals, but it’s often a business requirement that leaves HR and finance teams struggling to manage.

Retirees paying for their share of insurance costs. Individuals on FMLA leave. Employees on a leave of absence who need to submit payments to maintain coverage. Surviving spouses. Whatever the business need, our flexible billing services (also known as “direct bill”) are the perfect solution.

We work with the employer during implementation to establish the account structure and business rules necessary to ensure accurate billing, collection, and remittance processes, including late payment and termination policies.

By carefully applying the employer’s payment and eligibility rules, we help ensure that only eligible individuals remain covered under the employer’s plans. This saves the organization money by eliminating ineligible claims, and it helps satisfy the employer’s obligations to its insurance carriers (for fully funded plans).

Built-in Flexibility

Every employer is different and no two billing scenarios are the same. When developing our system, we ensured it can accommodate a wide range of “start and stop” billing policies, as well as multiple methods and sources of severance. This flexibility allows us to meet even the most complicated billing requirements.

We apply this flexibility when establishing an employer’s business rules in our system. These business rules drive our billing processes, ensuring accurate billing that reduces participant confusion and frustration. Our payment reminder notices are easy to understand and clearly outline all billing details, including any severance amounts.

Service Features

Detailed accounting and eligibility reports keep employers informed and up-to-date. Eligibility updates to carriers are also available.
Rate and plan changes are communicated to participants at no charge. Open enrollment services are available as an optional service.
UnifyHR Service Team
Our friendly customer service team handles all inquiries from billing participants, including assisting with urgent eligibility issues.

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